When communities come together to address issues affecting young men and young women of color, better real-world results may be achieved. This is what Committed2Change aims to achieve. To improve the quality of life for young men and young women of color, we think communities are the best place to start. 

According to research, collective action by community leaders, members, and public and private organizations working to achieve the same objectives for young men and women of color can result in long-lasting, place-based change. In order for communities to enhance the outcomes for boys and young men of color, we think cross-sector collaborative action is essential.

Who We Are

Our Purpose- To advance education and health, to relieve the distressed, and underprivileged, and to combat community deterioration and delinquency by providing support to underserved youth

Our Vision- A society where minority and underprivileged youth thrive regardless of systemic barriers to success. 

Our Mission- Commited@Change seeks to brighten the future of the next generation of leaders in our community, advocate for underrepresented and underserved communities and facilitate alternative programming, continuing education, and endless training to support better equipped law-abiding citizens.